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Will the product promotional film be 3D?

A product trailer is a short film or video content produced by a company or brand to promote its products or services. These films generally aim to attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to purchase by showing the product's features, benefits and how to use it. Product trailers can be designed for use on a variety of platforms, for example on company websites, social media platforms, for display at trade shows or meetings.

Yes, product promotional films can also be in 3D. 3D animation and visualization technologies enable products to be visualized in a more impressive and striking way. 3D product trailers show product details more clearly while providing viewers with a deeper understanding of the product's functionality, assembly or use. Additionally, 3D animation allows products to be designed and visualized free of real-world limitations, making it possible to create more creative and eye-catching promotional videos. For this reason, many companies choose to use 3D promotional films, especially for complex or innovative products.

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