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What is WebAR?

WebAR is a web-based augmented reality software. It can be easily accessed from all computers and smartphones without the need for any additional applications.

WebAR enables a product to be viewed in 360 degrees on all websites, and thanks to the "AR" button, it offers users the opportunity to view the product in their own environment with their smartphones.

For example, let's say we provide WebAR service to a furniture company. In this case, users who visit the company's website can view the furniture products in 360 degrees and at the same time, experience how the product will look in their own spaces in real time with their mobile phone.

Businesses need WebAR software and 3d models in order to present their products to their customers with WebAr technology.


WebAR software is required first to use the system. A special WebAR software can be made from scratch or the right of use can be purchased from companies that provide WebAR software services. WebAR software allows 3d models to be hosted on a server ready to be viewed at any time and easily added to all websites with html code.

3D Model

In order for a product to be viewed 360 degrees in the WebAR system, a 3d model of the product is required. There are two different methods for creating a 3d model of a product:

-3D Modeling

A 3d model of the product is created by drawing in a computer environment.

-3D Scan

A 3d model of the product is created by scanning 360 degrees with the camera and optical sensors.

Now you are ready, welcome to the interactive world of WebAR!

We think that WebAR is an important step to be ready for the world of tomorrow today, although the details for the metaverse have not been finalized yet, it is certain that the metaverse world will be 3D and offer an augmented reality experience...

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