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What is Metaverse?

Facebook changed the company name to Meta and declared the metaverse as the future of the internet. After this development, the “metaverse” had a huge impact and became the biggest term in technology.

In simple terms, metaverse means a computer-generated universe, for example, we can compare the metaverse to computer games. We will be included in the world of Metaverse with 3d characters that resemble our own physical features, and we will be able to stroll down a street and shop at stores or chat with our friends in a cafe. Metaverse will be a new generation interactive world that brings today's social media platforms to the third dimension.

We think that taking action today to be included in the 3d world of tomorrow will be the key to success. The 3D world is a very deep subject with its own rules and dynamics, the current transition period is a very good opportunity to understand and adapt to this world.

Meet WebAR today to be ready for the world of tomorrow.

What is WebAR?

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