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What is Architectural Animation?

Architectural animation is the modeling of buildings such as buildings, villas, sites, complexes as indoor or outdoor in computer environment and preparing the animations of the modeled scenes with camera, object movements. Architectural animation is divided into two as indoor and outdoor.

The biggest advantage of architectural animations is that they realistically present the finished version of the projects that have just started construction. A person who will buy a house cannot imagine the finished state of a project under construction from technical drawings or verbal expression, but thanks to architectural animation, he sees the finished project and feels confident. The quality of architectural animations, that is, the realism value, is directly proportional to the time spent in the preparation of that animation, for example, the animation of a single villa can be prepared in 3-4 days, in a very detailed and realistic way, in 1 month. This situation directly affects the price, while the animation prepared in 3-4 days is $600, while the animation prepared in 1 month is $3000.

*Prices are representative.

The following information is needed to start an architectural animation work:

  • Technical drawing or draft drawing containing all the dimensions of the project

  • The location or coordinate of the project on google maps

  • Visual of the materials to be used in the exterior and interior design of the project

  • Scenario for the animation of the project

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