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What is 3D Visualization?

3D visualization is the drawing of an object in 3D in a computer environment, that is, with the width, height and depth values, and the creation of realistic photographs of the drawn design with the render program.

3D Modeling

In order to start 3D Modeling, first the dimensions, design and anatomical structure of the object to be drawn are determined, then the drawing is created in the computer environment with commands on the x, y, z axes in the space (for example).

A cube object is called to the scene and a model is created by adding, subtracting, rounding and dimensioning on the cube according to the model to be created.

The model created will be in solid structure, so its color, texture and shade are not realistic.


The prepared 3d model is opened in the render program, first a camera is created, this camera has zoom and focus features like a real camera, the desired frame is created with the camera.

There are hundreds of settings in the render program such as texture, color, sun, light, shadow, reflection. These settings are numerical values between 0.01 and 10.00, and the quality of the render depends on skillful adjustment of all these settings. After all these settings are completed, the desired resolution is rendered, that is, a realistic photo is created. 1 rendering time of the program can take between 1 minute and 1 day depending on the render settings and scene details.

Post production

The image, which is drawn and rendered, is finally taken to the photo editing program, where general and local settings such as color, vitality, saturation are made and the 3d visualization is completed.

3D Modeling Programs

The most preferred programs for 3D modeling are 3ds max, cinema 4d, sketchup and blender. The working logic of all programs is the same, but the interface and features of each program are different. Among the programs, only blender is free, all other programs are licensed and a license must be purchased to use it. Full version license prices of the programs vary between $300 and $2500.

3D Rendering Programs

The most preferred rendering programs today are vray, keyshot, lumion. Render programs work with 2 different techniques, real time and ray tracing.

Real time rendering is faster, but realism is lower.

Ray tracing takes longer to render but gives more realistic results.

All programs are licensed and license must be purchased to use. Full version license prices of the programs vary between $100 and $1500.

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