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What is 3D Animation?

3D animation is the movement of an object or character created in a computer environment. Generally and simply, the word 3d means a three-dimensional and realistic image, and the word animation means a film formed by showing photos one after another at a certain speed. The human eye sees objects as width, height and depth. The reason why 3d animations are more realistic than 2d animations is that they have width, height and depth details.

Why 3D Animation?

Because with 3d animation, it is possible to make a movie of everything that is real or not.

Architecture Animation

Let's say that the construction of a housing project has just begun. How will people be presented and sold before the construction project is finished? In these cases, 3d animation can be made and thanks to the prepared 3d animation, sales and marketing can be done without waiting for the end of the construction by reaching the customers.

R&D Animation

You've designed a product but haven't started production yet. Will you wait for the product to be produced for sales, marketing, presentation?

You can have a 3d animation prepared for your product and make sales, marketing and presentations in no time.

Product Animation

You have a manufactured product and you want to promote it with a video content.

To create this video, you need a very expensive service that we call production, which includes details such as camera, cameraman, director, location light and actor. In this case, it may be more reasonable to have 3d animation prepared for your product in terms of price. Moreover, while techniques such as 360-degree rotation of the product on the horizontal and vertical axis are not possible in real shooting, all the techniques you want are possible in 3d animation.

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