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Render Services Prices

Nowadays, 3D rendering services are widely used in many industries such as architecture, industrial design, advertising and film. However, the prices of 3D rendering services vary depending on many factors. Understanding these factors can help you set your budget correctly. Here are some important factors affecting 3D rendering prices:

1. Project Complexity

One of the factors that most affects 3D rendering prices is the complexity of the project. There can be big differences between a simple product visualization and a complex architectural project. More complex projects often result in higher prices because they require more time and resources.

2. Resolution and Details

The resolution and details of the project are also important factors affecting the price. Higher resolution and detailed renderings generally result in higher prices because they require more computing power and time.

3. Delivery Time

Urgent delivery requests often result in higher prices. How quickly the project must be completed is an important factor affecting the price. If you have a more flexible delivery time, you can often get better prices.

4. Render Technology Used

Different rendering engines and technologies have different pricing policies. Some rendering services offer access to different rendering engines, and their prices may vary as well. Additionally, cloud-based rendering services are often priced according to the resources used.

5. Service Provider

There are many different companies and freelancers offering 3D rendering services. Prices may vary depending on the service provider's experience, quality and workload. More experienced and well-known service providers usually charge higher prices.


3D rendering prices vary depending on many different factors. Factors such as project complexity, resolution, delivery time, rendering technology used and service provider are important factors affecting prices. As Pixel Factory, we price our 3840x2160 resolution and 300dpi single frame rendering service as $45. This pricing is only valid for rendering preparation, 3D modeling, scene setup, color/texture/light works are priced separately. Before starting your project, you can set your budget correctly by considering these factors.

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