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Number of Polygons in 3D Models

In 3D models, the number of polygons refers to the number of surfaces of the object, for example, a cube with simple corners consists of 6 faces/polygons, but the edges of this cube model consist of sharp 90 degree corners. If we wanted to make the corners of the cube oval/radius, we would need much more polygons, since each break point would mean a new surface.

The number of polygons of the 3d model is very important for visualization work, higher polygon means more realism. The process of creating a high polygon 3d model requires high processing power, for example, creating a model with 1,000,000 polygons requires a computer with above-average hardware.

Real-time rendered game projects usually use low poly 3d models, the purpose of which is to create smooth 3d graphics that don't lag, but low poly 3d models have less realism and create other problems. Since we focus on 3d visualization and 3d animation works, we use high polygon 3d models, so the details of the project are revealed and its realism increases.

The answer to the question of what kind of computer we should have in order to work at high polygons is very variable, and the computer features needed differ according to the program used and the modeling.

- For simple modeling projects without high scene detail, a computer with average hardware will suffice.

- Our computer for high detailed modeling projects:

Processor: i9 10900K

Ram: 128GB

SSD: 1TB 6900-5000MB/S

Graphic card: Rtx 3090 24GB

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