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How to Animation?

Animations are divided into two as 2d animation and 3d animation. As the name suggests, 2d animations are 2 dimensional. Both types of animation are made with different processes and programs.

How to Make 2D Animation?

2D animations can be made with a single program in the computer environment, but the preferred program may change according to the type of 2d animation to be prepared. Anime studio, toon boom, synfig studio programs are generally used for 2d character animation, while after effects are used for 2d motion graphic animations.

The working logic of all programs is almost the same, first the object to be animated is drawn or the ready object is taken into the program, then as the object moves on the timeline, keys containing values such as position, large, angle are added. .

For example, there is a stickman in the left corner of the screen, you added a key for the zero second position on the timeline to the stickman in this position, and then you took the man to the right of the screen and added another key to the tenth second. moves to the right corner of the screen. In general, 2d animations are prepared with this main logic and are completed with effects, text and sound additions.

How to Make 3D Animation?

3D animations are made in 2 different programs, modeling and rendering in computer environment. 3ds max, maya, cinema 4d, sketchup, blender programs for modelling. Vray, keyshot, lumion programs are used for rendering.

3D Modeling

For modeling, first the dimensions of the object, texture information, color information are learned, then drawing is started in the modeling program, the modeling is done with commands on the x, y, z axes in the modeling space, for example, a 2-dimensional square with no height is created by entering its dimensions, then by entering the height value in this square. It is turned into a 3D cube, with a separate command, the sharp junction corners are softened and rounded, and the object is completed with many similar commands and drawings. Every object modeled in the program consists of polygons. Low polygon drawings can be easily processed, but they are not realistic and high quality, so working with high polygons positively affects the quality of the result, anatomy knowledge, industrial experience and experience are very important in order to make realistic drawings. After the modeling is completed, scenes suitable for the scenario are created with the object and camera movements.


Up to this stage, the drawing and colors are not realistic anyway. Making the drawing and colors realistic is the job of the rendering program, not the drawing program. In the prepared drawing rendering program, there are hundreds of settings such as sun, light, shadow, reflection in the pop-up program. These settings are numerical values between 0.01 and 10.00, and the quality of the render depends on skillful adjustment of all these settings. After all these settings are completed, it is rendered.


Video rendering is when the program creates an average of 30 photos per second of the scenes and exports it as a video format. It takes a very long processing time to produce 30 photos per second of video. For example, to create a 60-second animation that will display at 30 frames per second, the render program produces 3540 photo frames!

Some rendering programs can be loaded into 3d drawing programs as puling (plugins) so that rendering can be done without opening a program other than the program in which the drawing is made. For example, vray, which is a rendering program, can be installed in 3ds max. Rendering can be done in 3ds max, but lumion, which is another rendering program, cannot be installed in 3ds max. This program must be installed and run separately.

Post production

Prepared scene renders are edited in accordance with the scenario. In this section, the scenes are shortened, cut, enlarged, reduced if necessary. Then transition effects and, if necessary, text additions are applied. The final color adjustments are made and the animation is completed with this last operation.

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